X-rays featuring human bones

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Osteoporosis – a silent burden

Marta Uncio Ribera  |  28th November 2022

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Woman holds plastic bottles in her hand staring at them quizzically while standing in kitchen surrounded by various plastic packaging items

Manufacturing & Automation, Sustainability

Green claims – how impending EU regulations can help futureproof products and improve profitability

Tim Hartley & Jake Greer  |  23rd November 2022

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Repair tools

Net Zero, Sustainability

5 design considerations for achieving repairability in your product

Rob Mueller  |  2nd November 2022

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Movie prosthetics

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Movie inspiration meets medical innovation

Craig Townsend  |  28th October 2022

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Manufacturing & Automation, Net Zero, Sustainability

Sustainability & Net Zero: boosting competitiveness through strategic innovation

Dr Peter Brown  |  5th October 2022

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Healthcare & Life Sciences, Sustainability

Improving the effectiveness of medical device donations

Craig Townsend  |  29th September 2022

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Female surgeon performs surgery in theatre on patient above operating theatre lights

Healthcare & Life Sciences, Innovation

Why real-world materials and user testing is critical to medical device success

Sarah Knight  |  18th August 2022

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Model wears high fashion recycled denim outfit

Manufacturing & Automation, Sustainability

How to explore lifecycle assessment methods for sustainable product design

Tim Hartley  |  4th August 2022

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Woman sits on a transparent plastic chair in a doctor's waiting room while holding a clipboard and pen filling in a health form 2

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Women’s health spotlight – Endometriosis

Sarah Knight  |  27th July 2022

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