FuseOhm is a retrofittable low voltage fuseway logger designed to measure and record current, voltage, phase angle and shunt temperature.

Our distribution networks need to rapidly adapt if they are going to keep pace with changing energy demand.

Electric vehicles, electric heat pumps and renewable energy installations are leading to an increasingly complex network. Without clearly understanding network demand patterns, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) may be forced to make unnecessary costly upgrades in many areas or unexpected failure of service to customers.

FuseOhm provides DNOs with the data they need to understand local usage patterns and make informed decisions as to where to make strategic investments.

A digital maximum demand logger based upon 42T's ground-breaking self-powered sensor technology.

Three-phase monitoring

The system logs time-stamped peak and average demand data to provide DNOs with the information they need to see annual and daily demand patterns for each substation.

Data storage & transmission

Data is stored on a removable storage device and can be collected for analysis during routine inspection, or transmitted wirelessly for real time analysis.

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A low cost fit-and-forget solution

FuseOhm significantly reduces the capital-expenditure required to instrument a substation and, without complex Rogowski coil/clamp wiring or the need for external power, FuseOhm can be installed in considerably less time than its competitors.

Accurate maximum demand logger

The FuseOhm system uses an internal shunt device to measure current, offering accuracy of better than 2%, comparable to high-end clamp-on power-quality analysers.

Custom fuse holder

FuseOhm can also be fitted with a low profile version of a custom fuse holder for installation in tight spaces.

Plug and play installation

The simplicity of the system makes it easy to install in seconds, minimising outage times. In substations where the supply can be backfed, there is no need for outages at all.

Time-sampled periodic data

FuseOhm uses on-board temperature compensation to measure current up to 1000A across a wide range of fuse and cabinet temperatures.


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