February 2022

42T Reception


42 Technology (42T) has refreshed its branding, website and marketing materials to better reflect the breadth of services it offers as it powers ahead into a new phase of business growth and expansion.

The company’s rebrand follows 12 months of significant growth and strengthening of its in-house team and development capabilities: with additional expertise in healthcare, mechanical engineering, electronics, physics and optics, as well as expanding its marketing and HR functions.

42T’s new branding has been designed to provide a platform for future growth, while highlighting key aspects of its approach and collaborative culture that are valued by its clients and internal team. The new corporate identity is centred on an abbreviated form of the company’s name as a logo; new corporate colours and imagery; and the tagline ‘Collaboration + ingenuity = high-value innovation’.

42T meeting room glass wall with frosted vinyl and 42T logos cut out

In a nod to its engineering heritage, 42T’s new logo has been hand-drawn with sections of the 4 and T characters cut out at an angle of 42 degrees.

When we asked for their help, several long-standing clients gave us some great feedback on our previous branding which has helped shape our vision of 42T. Some clients felt our old branding just didn’t accurately reflect the breadth of our service offering or the high-value contribution we’re making towards their businesses.

We have therefore completely overhauled our website and approach to external communications to address this. Talking more about our collaborative approach that engenders close working relationships; our sense of purpose that we are making a difference to the world; and highlighting where our ingenuity can help throughout the full product development process: from the ‘fuzzy front end’ of understanding how users interact with products and generating innovative concepts, through to developing new manufacturing and automation capabilities, as well as providing strategic technology advice.

Jon Spratley, CEO at 42T

The company’s revamped website features more client case studies, insights articles and a new ‘Meet the team’ page showing what else 42T staff get up to when not solving complex engineering problems for clients. The team includes some serious snowboarders, mountaineers and critically-acclaimed musicians, as well an engineer who is passionate about re-purposing old CRT components into new products.

In addition, 42T has changed its website domain and email addresses from 42Technology.com to 42T.com. Although it will continue using both the full and abbreviated forms of its name interchangeably in all its communications materials.

42T office wall with green graphic showing 3D 42T image
For further information please contact:
  • Press enquiries or requests for supporting images should be directed to Simon McKay on +44(0)1353 741075 or email to simon.mckay@42T.com
  • All other enquiries to Adrian Stahl, marketing manager at 42 Technology at adrian.stahl@42T.com

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