May 2022

Join him online this Sun, 8 May for an overview on Colour Capability

Managing Consultant and UK technical expert in IEC TC110, Dr Euan Smith, will be presenting at Silicon Valley’s prestigious Display Week event in the US. The Society for Information Display (SID) hosts this symposium and exhibition for the global electronic display industry each year.

The event provides a showcase for the latest discoveries, innovations and products that will be hitting the shelves internationally within the next few years.Colourful chameleon with bright colours of red, green, blue, yellow with white dotted stripe looks upwards

Synopsis – ‘Color Capability, Color Volume, and Gamut’

In July 2021, SID’s International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) announced an update to the Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS), the first update in 9 years. The SID/ICDM Display Metrology Training Course, part of Display Week 2022, introduces many of the methods that is new to the updated standard. This section of the course provides an overview of the new methods to describe Display Colour Capability.

The Colour Capability of a display is a measure of the full range of colours a display can reproduce, measured in a perceptually uniform colour space.  Electronic displays are now highly complex systems, adapting their operation depending on the colour, spatial and temporal content of the input signal to get the best performance.

This complexity means, however, that former standard ways of defining colour performance, such as the Chromaticity plot, no longer apply and are often highly misleading.  The new IDMS standard introduces new methods, fully compliant with current CIE and IEC standards*, to fairly, reliably and reproducibly assess the true colour capability of a display.

Euan’s talk is part of the Display Metrology Training Course, register for it here.

Gamut Rings plot graph representing all colours reproducible by a display or any other media
A Gamut Rings plot representing all colours reproducible by a display or any other media

More about Euan

Euan is a member of the ICDM and is a UK technical expert in IEC TC110.

An optical physicist by training, he has taken a long and varied path over 25 years of commercially-facing technology development, starting with large-scale laser design through OLED and projection displays to camera systems and AI-based image processing.

He is an author on over 40 patent families, more than 160 patents in total, across diverse technical areas. Euan still publishes the occasional paper, is a contributing author to ‘The Handbook of Optoelectronics’, and was recently an invited guest editor on the Information Display magazine HDR special edition.

Dr Euan Smith, managing consultant at 42T

Read more about Euan and the team here.

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