August 2022

By Craig Townsend, Director of Healthcare at 42T

The impact of COVID on medical devices

It seems strange to be talking about COVID when many parts of the world seem to have forgotten about the virus but the pandemic saw an influx of medical devices rushed to market, with not necessarily all precautions being accounted for.

This meant that 2021 saw the highest number of medical device product recalls – 495 products – ever managed by the FDA. Our tip for avoiding recalls? Find out in this month’s article below.

Female surgeon performs surgery in theatre on patient while nurse holds instrument above prone patient

Why real world materials and user testing is critical to medical device success

Testing medical device materials and user process out in the real world is not just best practice, it can be critical for overall success. Author Sarah Knight, Head of Healthcare at 42T, gives examples of where things don’t always work out as planned – even when you think you’ve covered all the bases.
“Understanding how medical devices will be used (and misused) in the field is key to ensuring patient safety and acceptable product life. Thorough material testing is essential to understand, and design out potential product vulnerabilities and risks.”

Young woman wearing a respiratory device lies on her bed sleeping

Read the article here

Meet the team: Dr Claire Lebouteiller

Dr Claire Lebouteiller biomedical engineer at 42T

Position: Senior Consultant – Medical Devices

Joined the team: August 2022

Specialism: Claire has a PhD in quantum physics and expertise in developing complex electronic and fluidic systems.

Fun fact: Enjoys being suspended in the air, playing with gravity and finding equilibrium!

Find out more about Claire

And in case you missed these insights …

Women’s health spotlight: endometriosis

Sarah Knight explains what endometriosis is and why it’s such a problem – how it’s diagnosed, treated, and how the medical devices industry can help those suffering from it.

View the Women’s Health: endometriosis article.

Economics of Healthcare
How has healthcare changed since the pandemic and what can we expect to see this year? Where should money be invested? What do the economics of healthcare look like in 2022?

View the Economics of Healthcare article.

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Craig Townsend
Director of Healthcare

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