Why use a consultancy?

  • Get your project finished and product to market faster
  • Bolsters your team with proven industry experts
  • Collaborating brings in a valuable external perspective

Why is an external perspective so valuable?

  • You receive a fresh perspective and new ideas
  • You get an independent evaluation; we don’t have an axe to grind or a new widget to sell
  • You hear about technologies, solutions or thinking from unrelated industries

Our areas of particular expertise

  • Machine and manufacturing process development
  • Energy generation, storage, and distribution
  • Product design, development, and packaging
  • Patent investigation

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"The consultancy’s engineering skills, technology innovations and expertise in running multi-national projects have been invaluable, and our engineering teams are continuing to work together to further develop our market-winning range."

Chris Cowles, Global Design Manager for packaged industrial gas valves, Linde Group