Overcoming bias in designing women's health solutions

 8 November 2023, 3pm (GMT)


Although women make up nearly 50% of the world’s population, women’s health issues are often still considered niche. Reduced participation in clinical research and user studies, reduced funding, and lack of data disaggregation by sex and gender has led to women being systematically overlooked by healthcare systems.

The panellists

Webinar Content_Breaking the bias_HS - Michelle Oyen
Dr. Michelle Oyen
Associate Professor at Washington University in St. Louis

Michelle is the inaugural Director of the new Centre for Women’s Health Engineering, based in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to her current appointment, she was on the faculty at the University of Cambridge. She has researched engineering approaches to pregnancy and women’s health for over twenty years, particularly in methods to prevent, diagnose, and intervene in preterm birth.

Webinar Content_Breaking the bias_HS - Dr. Mark Slack
Dr. Mark Slack
Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder at CMR Surgical

Mark graduated from the College of Medicine of South Africa in Gynaecology. He was previously head of Gynaecology and Urogynaecology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, University of Cambridge Teaching Hospitals Trust, Cambridge. He is a Co-founder of CMR Surgical, who have developed a novel surgical robot (Versius) designed to increase the use of minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery. This is now the second-largest soft tissue robotic company in the world.

Webinar Content_Breaking the bias_HS - Hélène Guillaume Pabis
Hélène Guillaume Pabis
Founder & CEO at Wild.ai

Hélène is the founder and CEO of WILD.AI, an AI-driven tool to empower and assist female athletes. She studied mathematics and financial risks, was a quant in a hedge fund and also a management consultant to Fortune500 companies in AI. She was a rugby player; she's an ultra-marathon runner, triathlete, surfer, skier, and ice swimmer. Her favourite combined skillset is vitality+brains.

Webinar Content_Breaking the bias_HS - Valentina Lorenzi
Valentina Lorenzi
PhD student and President of the Cambridge Femtech Society

Valentina is a PhD student in bioinformatics, focusing her research on unravelling the mysteries of how the human reproductive system develops prenatally. For the past couple of years, she has been actively involved with the Cambridge Femtech Society, a student-led organisation which aims at promoting knowledge-sharing and tackling challenges in Femtech - the intersection of women’s health and technology.

What will be discussed?

In this webinar, our expert panellists will discuss topics like:

  • Cleaning up biases in clinical data used to train AI models.

  • Maximising the impact of available funding in women’s health research.

  • Enhancing surgical outcomes by re-engineering tools for female surgeons.

  • Opportunities for innovation in the treatment, management and diagnosis of female-specific conditions.

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