One of the biggest drivers in healthcare right now is shifting point of care and acute care from hospitals to the home.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver ‘smart health’ solutions: intelligent, networked systems that enable healthcare providers to be both more effective and more efficient, whilst improving patient outcomes.

We also want to expand the reach of affordable healthcare, no matter how remote the location. Our healthcare and life science work is bringing diagnostic devices to people in the developing world through innovative test kits that offer much greater accuracy in the field.

Preventative care is one of the keys to reducing the global cost of healthcare, which has led us to expand our capabilities in bio sensing. By solving the complex engineering problems of gas sensing and microfluidics, whilst combining biomarker research data, we can build the next generation of consumer healthcare products and diagnostic devices.

Our team of consultants has decades of experience building medical instruments and devices, surgical tools, diagnostics and drug delivery devices. We partner with outstanding start-ups and industry leaders to work towards a shared vision of better patient outcomes via an enhanced market understanding and technological innovation.

Healthcare life science

"42 Technology is an excellent product and process development partner, and has improved the performance of one of our most promising new TB diagnostic tests."

Dr Mark Perkins, Chief Scientific Officer, FIND

Our healthcare clients

Some of our clients already have products but encounter a problem with performance, reliability or manufacturing cost, and we’re able to apply our analytical tools and cross sector experience to help. And we’ve helped our clients with regulatory submissions, auditing of device software and CE Marking. We’re certified to ISO13485 for regulatory compliance of our medical device design work.

Our approach is flexible and we can play various roles to suit the client and the project. So why not drop us a message to see how we could help you?

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