And we are also friendly, energetic, pragmatic and a pleasure to work with. It makes for a great combination.

The skillsets of the 42T team include mechanical design and engineering, physics, product design, electronic engineering and firmware. We are a group of all-star engineers, scientists and designers with the capability to understand complex technical and commercial challenges, and to develop groundbreaking new products.

We strive to be the best people to work with. Successful projects and partnerships rely on the strength of relationships and the human qualities each partner brings. We occasionally find time for other pursuits, as you’ll discover when you read our bios.

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Dan Ahearn

Head of Engineering Technology

Dan is a technically excellent mechanical engineer, with varied experience in conceptual design and development work including early stage ideas generation, concept verification and selection, and detailed mechanical analysis.

His experience ranges from the design and development of gas sensing equipment through to development of point of use diagnostic equipment for the developing world.

Dan holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

“42T gives me the opportunity to work with fantastic, talented people, to do real innovative engineering that matters to our clients. Outside of work I spend as much as time as possible out in the hills – hiking, climbing, running and biking.”


Same ideas, new markets – using IP as a driver for diversification

Musical instruments

Pete Alexander

Engineer - Electronics

Pete is an electronics engineer with a background in mixed-signal design, digital systems and software engineering. He has a wealth of experience building “full-stack” electronic systems, from low-level PCB design up to embedded firmware built using industry-standard tools to meet strict real-time requirements.

During his time at 42T, Pete has been put in charge of developing the software for a large mechanical test rig and has greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work with a multi-disciplinary team on an interesting and dynamic project.

Pete holds a Masters degree in Electronics with Computer Systems from the University of Southampton.

“I have always tried to balance my studies between hardware and software, taking as much interest in the low-level designs of computer processors as the software that can be run upon them. 42T and the wide variety of projects that come through our doors has allowed me to continue pursuing my varied interests. One day I’m working in a large team on a piece of industrial equipment. The next, I’m left to my own devices working on a low-power wireless sensor system.

“Outside of work, I can often be found making some kind of music, be it classical singing or playing an instrument. Armed with a newly acquired 3D printer, I am also looking into building my own musical instruments. My first project being to build a Hurdy Gurdy, an instrument famous (in select circles) for combining the obnoxious volume of the bagpipes with the musical fidelity of an inexperienced violinist. I promise not to test it in the office too much!”

Hassan Ali

Management Accountant

Hassan is a Part-CIMA qualified accountant and brings with him 17 years of experience across both publishing and banking industries. His background in finance operations includes playing a key role in the recent set up and implementation of a new ERP system.

“What impressed me most about 42T is the culture of the organisation, its people and its vision to grow in what will be a very exciting future.

“Outside of spending time with my family my main hobbies include going to the gym, following my football team (Spurs!), walking, cycling, listening to music, and getting lost in a good podcast.”

Tolga Aydemir

Principal Consultant - Electronics

Tolga is an innovative and accomplished electronics engineer with extensive problem solving capabilities. He has spent over 25 years in product development companies and research centres. During his career, he gained significant experience in designing analog electronics, power systems, embedded systems and FPGA programming.

His skillset is broad, but especially focussed on analog sensor interface development and power electronics. His innovative approach led him to holding patents in electricity metering and light control sectors.

Tolga holds 1st class Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

“I am loving my job at 42T. I love a challenge, and 42T is certainly a perfect place for that. I am still learning new things even after 25 years in electronics. My curiosity is my driving force. It gives me the kick, increases my heart rate and makes me focus. Focusing is very important in my job as it leads to innovation.

“Although I spent my career pursuing new technologies, I have a romance with the old stuff. I mean valves. I have already built several valve amplifiers. There is something magical about them that I can’t explain. My interest also covers nixie tubes and CRTs (cathode ray tubes). I love bringing those old technologies back to life and making use of them.”

Stuart Banister

Senior Consultant - Mechanical Design

Stuart is one of our most experienced design engineers with a good balance of innovation and pragmatism. He is very experienced in the design of injection moulded components for volume manufacture and in rapid prototyping and manufacturing techniques.

Since joining the company he has worked on projects in a variety of industry sectors including medical, telecommunications and fast moving consumer goods, ranging from low cost, high volume packaging design through to sophisticated fluid handling process development.

“I have worked at 42T for over 20 years so I must enjoy it! It’s the variation of the work I am involved with and my colleagues that make it such a good place to work. One minute I can be working on rolling stock for the railways, and the next on micro tools for eye surgery. At 42T we have people from all different backgrounds but they gel really well and make a great team.

“I’m a big sports fan, though not playing so much nowadays. I really enjoy hiking and spend quite a bit of time in the Peak District, especially now that I have a very energetic puppy.”

Snowboarder on the slopes Rowan Beale, Engineering Physicist & Project Manager at 42 Technology

Rowan Beale

Senior Consultant

Rowan is an engineering physicist with experience in testing, modelling and overcoming a wide variety of technical challenges.

His strong analytical and logical mindset allows him to quickly understand complex problems and develop a suitable solution. Rowan holds a first class Master’s degree in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of Sheffield.

“I enjoy working at 42T because I get to work with a team of enthusiastic engineers on a whole variety of projects. It’s an environment conducive to learning and developing where the challenges keep on coming.

“Out of the office, I’ll either be working on some home projects or I’ll be chasing some outdoor adventures. These usually involve hiking, climbing, mountaineering or snowboarding, but if I’m lucky I can do several at a time.”


Getting ahead of the game – why pre-compliance testing is crucial (New Electronics, 22 June issue)

Paul Bearpark engineer at 42T at the Waterbeach Repair Cafe on 18 July Paul Bearpark

Paul Bearpark

Head of Electronics & Software

Paul is an experienced engineer, engineering manager and product manager. He has spent over 25 years working in the field of electronics in both product development companies and technology consultancies. During his career he has led the development of products through their entire life-cycle from concept to volume manufacture and on-going support and upgrade. He specialises in radio communications, sensor systems and systems engineering. He has worked in the defence and security, telecommunications, and test and measurement industries.

Paul has a first degree in Physics with Electronics from the University of Manchester and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

“Despite over 25 years working in electronic engineering I find I’m frequently discovering something new even in those fields I thought I knew very well. The rate of discovery seems to be especially high at 42T where our projects are quite diverse and oriented towards solving complex problems. It’s a real pleasure to be working with a very capable bunch of people who enjoy finding pragmatic solutions to those difficult problems. I like to think that our experience makes us pretty good at managing the technical risk too.

“For a few years I have been running and taking part in Repair Cafes. It’s a rapidly growing movement which is helping to tackle some of the waste stream that arises from the electronics industry. Reducing electronics waste is a major challenge but one that engineers have the capacity to solve. I’m looking forward to seeing a more sustainable approach to electronic product design in the future where repairability, upgradability and longevity are design objectives.”


New Electronics article – How to get around the supply chain squeeze

Unleashing the benefits of energy harvesting from electrical supplies

Unleashing the benefits of sensor fusion

FuseOhm: Low-cost, non contact, fast install monitoring system for smart power grid

42T’s Paul Bearpark supports Waterbeach Repair Café

Speaking engagements

42T experts speak at Engineering Design Show (EDS)

Dr Peter Brown, Head of Industrial at 42 Technology

Dr Peter Brown

Director of Industrial

Peter is a physicist by training who has spent much of his career inventing, developing and implementing innovative manufacturing techniques, with a focus on digital deposition and precision coating. Specialisms include printing of challenging functional fluids, particularly those that cannot be printed using conventional industrial inkjet printheads.

Peter is responsible for leading 42T’s business development and pro-active networking activities regarding our Manufacturing Innovation capability, with a personal focus on US-based Clients.

Peter has a PhD in the physics of semiconducting polymers from the University of Cambridge.

“I am an endlessly curious physicist and business developer who loves nothing more than meeting new and interesting people to talk about new and interesting technologies with a view to making the world a better place. Ultimately, I am happiest when working with clients and colleagues on projects with a global impact, which to date has included projects from polymer FETs and solar cells to car and aeroplane painting.

“Whilst working on these projects, if I can learn more about applied physics, or an industry that is hitherto unknown to me, then even better!

“I enjoy hill walking, cycling and eating large steaks. I also used to enjoy playing copious amounts of football until a knee ran out of cartilage. For full disclosure I own a small number of shares in Brewdog.”

+44 (0)1480 302741

Clare Hall

Clare Castle

Senior Consultant

Clare is a highly technical mechanical engineer with experience in product development, detailed technical design, computational modelling and analysis.

Since joining 42 Technology she has worked across a variety of industry sectors; including developing next generation industrial valve technology, improving breathing equipment performance and building prototype R&D lab test equipment.

Clare holds a 1st Class Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Jack Colbert


Jack is an enthusiastic and practical mechanical engineer, with a passion for problem solving and sustainable design. Whilst at 42T he has gained experience across different sectors in product development and testing and has begun working towards chartership.

Jack holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical with Automotive Engineering from the University of Bath.

“It’s a real honour being a part of 42T. Working alongside a world-class team on such innovative and varied projects is a pleasure, and inspires me to push myself each and every day. 42T is especially unique as this excellence is combined with a tight-knit and friendly culture, which means I’m always looking forward to what the next day will bring.

“Outside of work I can usually be found seeking hills to ride my mountain bike down (difficult here in Cambridge!), or embarking in overly ambitious DIY projects.”

42T engineer Simon Copley

Simon Copley

Senior Consultant - Mechanical

Simon is a highly practical mechanical engineer with a multidisciplinary technical background. While at 42 Technology he has used his skills in projects as varied as designing assembly jigs to reduce the manufacturing cost of an industrial communications device, developing tests to assess the durability of a surgical device, and evaluating the strength of IP held by a large manufacturer of consumer products.

Simon holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

“The variety of the work we do is really refreshing. There’s always a new challenge to get to grips with, given that we work with clients across so many industries.

“Outside the office I’m often found cycling, doing DIY or gardening.”


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Katie Doig


Katie is an engineering consultant with a combination of strong technical and project management skills. Since joining 42T Katie has tackled projects across a range of sectors, taking on both technical and project management roles. Katie has a particular interest in low energy design and leads 42T’s Energy Transformation Insights Group.

Before joining 42T, Katie had a varied background, working in both experimental physics and building service engineering consultancy. Her past roles have given her experience in lab work, communicating complex technical content to a variety of audiences, leading engineering design, working closely with clients and collaborating with a wide range of professionals.

Katie holds a BA in Physics from Oxford University, an MSc in Photon Science from the University of Manchester and a DPhil in Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Oxford.

“I find the range of project types that you have the opportunity to encounter at 42T really exciting. Having the opportunity to explore interesting problems and come up with tailored solutions is extremely engaging. It’s very satisfying to know that the work you have done has helped to make so many different things better in such a variety of ways.

“Outside of work, I keep myself busy calling ceilidhs and playing water polo. I also always like to have some sort of project on the go, whether this is creative/practical or still in the planning stages.”

Kufirre Ebong Consultant at 42 Technology

Kufirre Ebong


Kufirre is an embedded software developer with a particular interest and experience in embedded technology and IoT. His work experience includes developing fuel monitoring for petrol stations to combat theft.

His most recent employment has been at a leading pizza oven company in Edinburgh. He has also undertaken many embedded and IoT projects of his own and won a prize for his work.

“I decided to join 42T because the sheer range of projects in various sectors will be good exposure to a wide range of technologies.  The constant development, problem solving and learning drives me.  Solutions that have meaning help you connect to your work. 

“In my spare time, I love to perform in gospel events as a keyboard player and band director. I also play jazz, afro, and pop music” 

Dr Matthias Ediger

Senior Consultant

Matthias is an energetic and curious technology developer and physicist with a keen eye for commercialising products with a strong societal impact. He has a proven track record as a creative innovator in diverse environments from small spin-outs to large corporate R&D and experience in a variety of markets and technologies with special emphasis on optics, microelectronics & digital manufacturing.

Matthias is a Senior Consultant and Project Manager at 42T with over a decade of experience, taking product and technology developments all the way from conception to implementation.

Matthias has a PhD in physics on quantum dot nanostructures.

“The team at 42T is full of creative and motivated engineers and scientists and I love the energy in the room when we get together to solve a problem for a client. I also love finding out about their varied and sometimes quirky hobbies. Mine range from performance poetry to aerial circus acrobatics and contemporary dance.”

Robin Ferraby Director of Consumer at 42 Technology

Robin Ferraby

Director of Consumer

Robin is an experienced new product development professional with 20+ years’ experience across product marketing, technology development, design, innovation, marketing planning and sales.

He has been working with some of the world’s leading brands and most ambitious start-ups, creating the next breakthrough offerings and new market growth.

Typical collaborations have involved both physical and digital layers, first principles breakthroughs, complex integrations and navigating learning paths moving to insight led market deployment.

Prior to 42T Robin has held senior positions at Cambridge Consultants, Panasonic and DeLonghi.

“It’s exciting and a privilege to be working with a purpose-driven and impactful collective. I’m at my happiest when working with wide groups of people oriented towards common challenges.

“I’m a husband and father and enjoy fishing, tennis and cycling. And my claim to ‘fame’ is that the first time I went in a plane I flew it!”

+44 (0)1480 302719

Dr Chris Floyd

Non-Executive Chairman

Chris is Chairman of 42T, with a strong record of delivering strategic growth in industrial and technology businesses. He is also currently a non-executive director of British Engines Group, and of ComAp a.s.

He was formerly business development director for Rolls-Royce plc, where he led the group’s move into reciprocating engine power systems with the acquisition of MTU engines. He was also involved in the group’s aerospace systems strategy, long term scenario development, and strategic research. He developed the group’s long term sustainable energy strategy, resulting in the creation of a nuclear power business, and investment in low carbon technologies, particularly tidal power and hydrogen fuel cells, and development of alternative gas turbine fuels.

Before joining Rolls-Royce, Chris was a director of Arthur D Little, the strategy consultancy, where he co-led the Technology and Innovation Management practice. His early career was in engineering research.

Chris has a degree in engineering from Trinity College, Cambridge, a PhD in aeronautical engineering from Bristol University and an MBA from London Business School.

“I live in the Yorkshire dales, where I tinker with my old cars and walk in the countryside with my dogs and camera. I enjoy travelling off the beaten track and for the last decade have been an investor in a wildlife and nature conservancy in the Karoo in South Africa. This empty arid region of wide open spaces and incredible light is a gift for any photographer.”

Jake Greer


Jake is a Design Engineer with strong mechanical design skills, experienced at developing ideas from initial concept. While at 42T she has worked on microfluidic systems with an emphasis on ease of use and modularity. Her skills include innovative concept generation, detail design/CAD, prototype build and testing. Jake Holds a BEng in Aeronautics & Astronautics from the University of Southampton, with a focus on materials. She is a trained mental health first aider and has completed the Emergency First Aid at Work course.

“I love the stimulating discussions we have around understanding and solving our clients true issues. Working here is such a great meshing of beautiful creativity and strong technical application of science. It’s also great to be involved with shaping the way the company develops, especially regarding our simulation offering and sustainable materials insights. Being in a position to guide companies towards higher levels of sustainability is a privilege. It is an exciting time to be involved in this work with such a changing landscape of material options and regulatory change.

“In my free time I am a sea scout leader, a great excuse to splash about in kayaks all summer while helping the kids push their boundaries and learn great life skills. I also help out on my partner’s mixed livestock farm. There’s nothing quite like being a part of new life in the raw coming into the world and growing up healthy and happy. I also like to design and sew my own clothes when I get a spare minute.”


Green claims – how impending EU regulations can help futureproof products and improve profitability

Snowboarder carrying board at the top of a mountain David Griffin engineer at 42T

David Griffin

Principal Consultant - Manufacturing Innovation & Automation

David is an industry experienced mechanical engineer who spent a decade developing bespoke test and assembly automation, in diverse fields ranging from motor winding to asthma inhaler manufacture, several years developing and optimising solvent removal technology and continuous chemistry systems. He also spent a period in industrial inkjet printing system development.

David has an honours degree in Engineering Science from the University of Cambridge and combines extensive mechanical design and fluid handling experience with years developing machine control systems and interfaces on PC, PLC and embedded platforms. At 42T he has been involved in several manufacturing process troubleshooting projects, as well as new product developments with a strong manufacturing focus.

“What I really enjoy at 42T is getting to the heart of a client’s problem. Long standing challenges are sometimes surrounded by myths and/or misunderstandings, and often going back to basics and getting a really clear idea of what is actually going on leads to the breakthrough that makes the difference. I find the way we probe and discuss problems at 42T as a team exciting and rewarding. Practical (almost geeky) enthusiasm for understanding the underlying principles of anything seems to be in 42T’s DNA, so we generally drive each other on to get to the real root cause and the optimal solution.

“Outside of work I enjoy cycling and live music but seem to have amassed too many pets and children to give such pursuits quite as much time as I’d like. Though the children are slowly starting to share my interests, the pets are slower to learn.”


Understanding the underlying behaviour of a manufacturing process

Automation – Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Unknown knowns

Solving the packaging puzzle – FMCG CEO Magazine

Can technology alone tackle the issue of medicine adherence? – International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI) (Volume 7 Issue 1 – Pages 68-72)

Joe Griffiths

Head of Applied Science

Joe is a project manager and physicist with a strong track record of leading multi-disciplinary development projects in the industrial, energy, medical and consumer sectors. His experience covers the full product development lifecycle, from strategic analysis of new technologies, through to pragmatic modelling and testing to prove performance, and final integration onto the production line.

Recent projects include development of an automated scratch-detection rig for improved quality control, new manufacturing equipment for an updated beverage product, a connected wear sensor for use in extreme environments, and technoeconomic analysis of options for decarbonising large internal combustion engines.

Joe leads the Applied Science group at 42T, and holds a Masters degree in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

“I was originally drawn to 42T for the variety of challenging work – it never disappoints on this front, from analysing exciting new technologies to “hard engineering” on production lines. However, what makes 42T a stand-out place to work is its culture and people. A combination of enthusiasm for technology and a commitment to getting the job done, while also having fun, makes 42T a genuinely fun place to work, day after day.

“Outside of work, I have been involved with various local theatre groups as a Musical Director, and play the piano in pit bands. However, with a young toddler, my current musical output is limited to “The Wheels On The Bus” and “If You’re Happy And You Know It”.

Amy Harrison

HR Advisor

Amy has a Masters with CIPD level 7 and 5 years’ experience in Human Resources, working in a range of industries including public funded research, manufacturing and hospitality.

“The collaborative and inquisitive culture at 42T makes for an exciting and dynamic environment to work in, which is shown by the passion and dedication of the team.

“In my spare time I’m currently enjoying renovating my first house. I also enjoy running, walking and exploring new places with friends.”

Snowboarding video game

Dr Alan Hart

Director of Product Innovation

Alan is a practised innovation professional, and brings over 20 years’ experience using technology to create better products, both as a consultant to multi-national businesses, and on the frontline in startups. An inventor on at least nine commercialised inventions, Alan has worked mainly in consumer goods, the built environment, and industrial products.

Alan holds a first-class MA degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge, as well as an MBA from Imperial College Business School.

“Since I joined in 2019, I’ve become a huge advocate for 42T’s exceptional ability to reinvent products and reimagine manufacturing processes. It’s pretty motivating to realise that the quality of the work you can offer clients is up there with the best.

“When I’m not working, I’m usually either drinking third-wave coffee, running Dad’s Pedicab Service, or trying to decide which mouse button to map to my BFG-9000. I think about snowboarding most days and dream of the day I can finally hit the slopes with my daughter. As a family, we’ve racked up over 40 house swaps in ten years around Europe, and sometimes further.”

Speaking engagements

42T experts speak at Engineering Design Show (EDS)

Tim Hartley

Tim Hartley


Tim graduated from the University of Southampton with a first-class MEng in mechanical engineering with mechatronics. Whilst at 42T he has gained experience in conceptual design, development, testing and prototyping.

He has worked on many different products from a range of industries, from surgical devices to food and beverage handling systems, drawing in knowledge from other sectors to achieve the client’s goals. His pragmatic approach and wide skill set across electrical and mechanical disciplines has accelerated the development of concepts to mitigate risk and create effective solutions.

“I have always been excited by innovation and new technologies, learning about products and devising ways to make them even better and working at 42T allows me to do this in a community of like-minded people on a daily basis.

“Outside of work I enjoy outdoor endurance sports, with plenty of running, cycling and hiking, recently completing a trail half marathon across the Yorkshire Dales and with an Olympic distance triathlon coming up in the next few months.”


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Matthew Homburg


Matthew is a mechanical engineer with experience in technical modelling and tribology. Along with analytical skills, he has a wealth of practical manufacturing experience from working in engineering workshops on a number of projects. Matthew graduated from Imperial College London with a first-class master’s in mechanical engineering.

“I like working at 42T due to the interesting projects I get to work on and the brilliant colleagues I get to work with. As a developing engineer working towards chartership, 42T provides a wide range of different projects for me to get stuck into and advance many skills.

“In my spare time, I like working on old cars, meeting friends, cooking (and eating), and exploring new places.”

Michaela Hume Mechanical Engineer t 42 Technology

Michaela Hume


Michaela is a mechanical engineer interested in developing her cross-disciplinary knowledge to achieve a broader understanding of problems. At university she developed interests in aerodynamics, composites, biomechanics, and medical engineering. She was a member of Team Bath Racing Electric and of a multi-disciplinary Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) team; ‘TBB: Bath Biodevices without Borders’ worked on the development of an affordable, sustainable bio-device to help solve water-quality challenges in Malawi. She has varied engineering work experience in defence and pharmaceuticals.

Michaela holds a first-class Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Bath. For her Masters, she designed and tested a fixation mechanism for an artificial meniscus.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to get stuck into such a wide variety of projects and to get to work with and learn from people with such diverse experiences.

 “I love music, so am often singing or playing an instrument. If I’m not doing that then I am either swimming, collecting herbal teas, reading about forensic psychology or planning a way to steal our family dog from my parents!’

Barney Jacklin

Engineering Apprentice

Barney is a pragmatic apprentice engineer, with experience in mechanical manufacturing from a range of projects and in his current college course where he is currently working towards a level 3 Product Design and Development Technician award.

At 42T, he is gaining experience and knowledge from assembling mechanical rigs, building pneumatic and electronic products, designing and creating proof of concept rigs and prototypes and using the latest CAD techniques and manufacturing methods.

“I enjoy the variety of projects and activities, in different sectors and different types of working. Which as the apprentice is always good, getting as much experience as possible.

“And in my spare time I like to spend my time fishing, walking, playing golf, and going out with mates.”

Simon Jelley Principal consultant & Head of Innovation at 42T

Simon Jelley

Principal Consultant - Head of Innovation

Simon is a mechanical engineer with skills spanning a number of fields, based on a broad Engineering Science (MEng) degree from Oxford University. He has a deep understanding of the behaviour of fluids and heat transfer, as well as a strong track record in mechanism design, ranging from mass-produced disposable mechanisms to space vehicle payload attachment and deployment.

His experience and scientific understanding cross over into broader areas such as sensing, electronics and embedded software enabling him to bridge between fields to give a more complete system level view to development.

Simon is an experienced innovation facilitator and helps spread best practice for innovation techniques within the 42T team.

“As a specialised generalist, 42T gives me the variety of project work I crave. I enjoy the way each new project I get involved with gives me insights into a different industry. The disparate technologies I need to familiarise myself with, and the range of challenges to solve keep me learning as well as finding new areas in which to apply my knowledge and experience.

“My free time is filled with various hobbies, ranging from artistic to scientific. Artistically I particularly enjoy drawing, engraving, photography and sculpture (I’m famed in the company for my snow sculptures on the rare winters that give me a chance). At the other end of the spectrum I enjoy making things and exploring scientific principles, both for my own amusement and for science communication to get kids interested in STEM.

“Science communication has led to me making, among other things, a water powered 50kV spark generator, a wind tunnel for testing paper aeroplanes, a hand cranked 1MW pulsed laser, various types of levitation and a 4 metre tall firenado (a tornado of self-chimneying fire). An example topic of experimentation for my own interest is diffractive optics, where I have made holograms and rainbow chocolate, working lenses from opaque hard disk drives and 35mm camera film, and performed image processing without a computer by using diffraction to physically filter the Fourier transform of images.

“I’m also a keen astronomer and hockey player (not at the same time).”


8 tips for getting the best from remote innovation sessions

Sarah Knight Head of Healthcare at 42T

Sarah Knight

Head of Healthcare Technology

Sarah is a versatile mechanical engineer and experienced project manager with particular expertise in medical device development. She has guided products through all stages of development from innovative concepts to detailed design, regulatory approval, and troubleshooting in manufacture.

In the past Sarah has led teams within consultancy, a major device manufacturer, and the UK NHS. She has developed and commercialised products in diverse fields including drug delivery, orthopaedic surgical instruments, diagnostics, and robotic surgery.

A Chartered engineer (IMechE), she holds an honours degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from the University of Cambridge.

“I love being involved in such a wide variety of fascinating projects, and working alongside highly talented and motivated colleagues. Every day I’m impressed by the energy, knowledge and creativity that I am surrounded by, and it makes working here a lot of fun.

“Outside of work I enjoy rock climbing, mountaineering and cycling – anything active in the outdoors. Plus tinkering with, upgrading, or travelling in my self-built campervan.”


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Dr Claire Lebouteiller demonstrates aerial silk hobby Dr Claire Lebouteiller biomedical engineer at 42T

Dr Claire Lebouteiller

Senior Consultant - Medical Devices

Claire is a highly technical project manager with a PhD in quantum physics. She joins 42T from a diagnostics company where she led development, industrialisation and CE marking of a PCR machine and mass-produced consumables.

Her experience will further strengthen our Healthcare Technology team’s expertise in developing complex electronic and fluidic systems from concept to product launch and scale-up.

“I enjoy contributing to all the steps of product development, especially for medical devices. The more disciplines involved, the more interesting for me: mechanics, optics, thermic, fluidics… I enthusiastically joined 42T for the wide range of technological challenges to tackle and the high-quality work environment.

“In my spare time when I’m not with friends or dancing tango, I like practicing slackline and aerial silk. I enjoy being suspended in the air, playing with gravity and finding equilibrium!”

+44 (0)1480 309471

Ellie Leigh


Ellie is a pragmatic mechanical engineer focused on creating practical solutions to complex challenges. She enjoys using both technical understanding and practical skills to get to the root of a problem.

Ellie holds a first-class Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh.

“I love the diversity a job at 42T offers. Working across a variety of industry sectors and functions means no two days are ever same, and I enjoy the unique set of challenges and opportunities of development and innovation this brings.

“Outside of work I enjoy escaping to the hills, climbing, hiking, cycling or skiing, embarking on whatever outdoor adventure the day has to offer.”

Alan Mackay

Chief Operating Officer

Alan joined 42T as a Senior Consultant in 2015 and has since led some of our largest projects involving transfer to manufacture of a minimally-invasive disposable surgical instruments, improving the performance of ophthalmic surgical equipment, increasing the throughput of a single serve coffee production line and developing a novel high pressure industrial gas valve.

Whilst continuing to shape and deliver complex design and development projects in all business sectors, Alan now also leads the Mechanical Engineering and Design groups and is part of the Executive Management team involved in steering the company’s growth and strategy.

Alan holds a first-class master’s in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

“Engineering consultancy naturally allows for working on a wide range of projects, but 42T manages to combine that with working with great people in a supportive and energetic environment. The culture helps to create an excellent place in which it is encouraged to question ideas, take on challenging roles and use the expertise of the wider team to grow and develop as a consultant.

“When not at work, I can be found entertaining my young son, typically by exploring local wooded areas for the perfect muddy puddle or stick. We’ve also made big plans to go further afield later this year in search of a deep dark wood, and potentially a Gruffalo.”

Joe Morton Engineer at 42 Technology

Joe Morton


Joe is an electronics engineer with a background in mixed signal electronics and robotics. He has experience working on topics ranging from PCB design to embedded firmware. He has worked on a wide range of projects from agricultural robotics to miniature endoscopes.

He spent a year at Cambridge Consultants which included working on a prototype intravascular endoscope and was part of a team that entered a robot called Infernal Contraption into Robot Wars. He also competed at the national student robotics competition in 2016 and 2017 when at sixth form.

Joe holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton.

“I’ve always enjoyed working on a wide range of projects covering many different types of technology. 42T gives me the opportunity to work in this way.

“In my spare time, I help a sixth form robotics team work towards entering the National Student Robotics Competition, as well as training in Tang Soo Do.”


Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

Engineer - Product Design

Robert is a multi-disciplinary product design engineer with a particular focus on user-centred design and sustainability. Both creative and logical, his skills include concept generation, visualisation, prototyping and developing innovative solutions to problems. Since joining as a graduate, Robert has worked on a wide range of different projects. He enjoys using both his practical skills and eye for design to develop products that are both highly functional and aesthetic.

Robert holds a first-class Master’s in Product Design Engineering from the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow.

“For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed taking things apart and thinking about how they can be improved, so I feel very fortunate to now be able to call this my job! No two days are the same at 42T and I love the challenge of working on such a variety of different projects. But it’s working with the great people that I really enjoy, you can’t beat a good brainstorm with a pack of colourful post-its!

“When I am not at work, you’ll probably find me out on my mountain bike or planning my next big road trip adventure.”


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Lynsie Oliver

Office Manager

Lynsie is 42T’s Office Manager and has over 20 years’ experience working within administration and finance.

Her experience includes many varied aspects of office management and administering corporate services.

“I’ve been at 42T for almost 8 years. It’s the people and variety of my role that I enjoy the most – no day is ever the same.

“As for outside of work, I love time with my family and like to cook and bake. They’ll probably tell you my cooking is better than my baking! My husband is teaching me to play golf (patience of a saint) and I enjoy riding pillion on his motorbike.”


Shreeya Patel Consultant at 42 Technology

Shreeya Patel


Shreeya is a product design engineer with a particular lean toward mechanical engineering, but who also demonstrates a creative flair. Her experience spans CAD design, technical analysis and practical testing and includes medical devices such as inhalers as well as consumer products.

Shreeya is currently working on a pneumatic rig for collecting testing data and helping to develop and present concepts to a client to help improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process.

Shreeya holds a first-class Master’s in Product Design Engineering from Loughborough University. For her final-year project, she designed and built an electronically-controlled heliodon.

“I joined 42T because of the opportunity to get involved with a variety of projects alongside a talented team of interesting people. Outside of work you’ll often find me knitting in cafés or in a museum with my sketchbook.”

+44(0)1480 302700

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Tom Poskitt

Consultant - Electronics

Tom is an electrical engineer with experience in rapid design and building prototype circuits often involving PCB CAD. He has a background of university projects designing high speed, low noise layouts for testing the Unlimited Sampling technique.

Whilst at 42T, he has worked on many projects such as designing and assembling test rigs for large projects and low powered IoT devices. He has also overseen the entire electronic design and implementation for smaller projects. Tom has experience in successfully taking the designs through to manufacture from their development stages, requiring a range of problem solving such as lowering BOM costs, redesigning for availability issues, and RF debugging to ensure ETSI/FCC compliance.

Tom holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.

“I enjoy working at 42T for the variety of projects and the wide range of topics needed to solve engineering challenges, ranging from high powered grid-connected systems down to tiny ultra-low-power RF devices. Having a friendly team ensures any challenging project is a pleasure to work on.

“At home I am currently restoring a 1930’s Morris Cowley including a full engine rebuild. Before that project consumed all of my time, I enjoyed cycling, badminton and designing silly electronics projects that made me laugh and rarely had a practical use. These projects include a lawnmower strobe, USB spot welder and an audio amplifier crammed into a soldering iron. I also organise and repair at St. Ives’ repair café.”

Mathew Price

Mathew Price

Principal Consultant

Mathew is an experienced engineer with a broad background in product development, mechanical engineering and manufacturing. He has worked for several product manufacturers and an engineering consultancy and has gained significant experience in the full lifecycle development of products for the consumer, industrial and energy industries. These products have typically required designing and testing for high reliability in harsh environments and strict compliance to standards and directives.

Mathew also has experience of developing manufacturing processes and special purpose equipment, often for the purpose of reducing product cost and improving quality, but also to enable innovative new product technologies.

Mathew holds an honours degree in Product Design from Bournemouth University and has several patents to his name.

“Working on a wide variety of projects with such an enthusiastic and broadly-skilled team makes every day at 42T both interesting and enjoyable!

“Outside of work my favourite things are days out with the family, camping in the wild, playing with my kids as if I’m the same age (4 and 2!), singing along to my favourite rock bands, ruining a good walk with a round of golf, spicy food and cheese (mmm).”


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Lawrence Rice-Williams

Consultant - Mechanical

Lawrence is a pragmatic mechanical engineer with strong analytical and practical skills. He has a keen interest in developing and implementing process improvements with a focus on improving efficiency and reducing waste. Whilst at 42T he has gained experience in developing, prototyping and testing products for medical applications.

Lawrence holds a 1st Class Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds.

“The thing I enjoy most about working at 42T, is the variety and pace of the work. One week I could be working with a multinational corporation, investigating more sustainable packaging alternatives and the next, I could be helping a medical device manufacturer solve a technical challenge on one of their products.

“Outside of work I have set myself the challenge of running every road in Cambridge, which is also helping to offset my interest in exploring the city’s growing food and drink scene. I also enjoy travelling to slightly less flat regions of the world!”

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Senior Consultant

Adam is a mechanical engineer who combines strong technical and analytical competences with the experience of successfully leading a wide range of projects. These have solved difficult engineering challenges for high profile clients, leading to market leading products. He brings a pragmatic approach to problem solving that has been utilised to develop new technologies for applications such as surgical tools, breathing apparatus and FMCG production. He has skills in many fields including mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, microfluidic and thermal engineering.

Adam is Chartered with the IMechE and holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

“I have an inner drive to improve things and help other people, and being an engineering consultant is the perfect way to focus that. I get real enjoyment from solving difficult problems in a scientific and efficient way, whether that be designing experiments and diving into the data or taking a step back and assessing the business case. I am equally happy managing project teams as I am getting my hands dirty in the workshop or working on test rigs when necessary and 42T allows me to do all of that and more.

“Outside of work I play a few racket and winter sports, swimming, cycling and mountain biking. I am also a keen explorer and photographer, for which I am a contributor on Shutterstock and Adobe.”

Mike Sales Mike Sales

Mike Sales

Principal Consultant

Mike is a Chartered Engineer and brings extensive product development experience to 42T. He has spent most of his career focusing on developing reliable, robust and maintainable embedded firmware in products including DTV Set Top Boxes, COFDM modulators, GNSS trackers and solar power systems for Africa.

Mike graduated from the University of York with an MEng in Electronic Systems Engineering.

“I came to 42T to be surrounded by so many friendly people with such diverse skills and knowledge. It’s reassuring that everyone I have met has been keen to do a professional and high quality job for our clients.

“Outside of work, I love being in the mountains. Whether walking in Scotland, skiing in France or climbing in the Swiss Alps. I am also a regular runner. Recently I have started to combine my hobbies by doing an ultra-marathon in Northumberland and have aspirations to try ski-mountaineering.”

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Sue Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Sue is 42T’s Chief Financial Officer. She is ACCA qualified and has previous experience working with Citrix Systems and other Research and Consultancy companies.

Since joining 42T she has built up the finance and administration team to support the continuing growth of the company.

“I’ve been with 42T since 2008 and enjoy supporting the people and the passion they have for their work. Outside of 42T I most love spending time with my family and swimming, often combining the two!”

Dr Euan Smith, managing consultant at 42T

Dr Euan Smith

Managing Consultant

An optical physicist by training, Euan has taken a long and varied path over 25 years of commercially facing technology development, starting with large-scale laser design through OLED and projection displays to camera systems and AI-based image processing. Along the way Euan has enjoyed challenges from nano-scale photonics to system-level display design, image processing on restricted embedded systems, through to full-stack web-app development.

Euan is an author on over 40 patent families, >160 patents in total, in diverse technical areas. He still publishes the occasional paper, is a contributing author to “The Handbook of Optoelectronics,” and was recently an invited guest editor on the Information Display magazine HDR special edition. He is a long-standing IEC/BSi technical expert in TC110 (electronic displays), currently in WG9 (touch interaction), WG10 (laser displays) and WG13 (Optical measurements).

Euan has a degree in Optoelectronics and a PhD in nonlinear optics both from Heriot Watt University.

“I’m a technology obsessive and have always loved working, in depth, across a very wide range of technologies in the pursuit of solving problems. It is what I’ve most enjoyed about working within a variety of start-ups over the years, and I found the same breadth and depth of opportunity when I joined 42T.

“The culture is the right combination of being open, enthusiastic, inquisitive, pragmatic and challenging to drive towards finding the very best solution for a customer.

“Outside work I like to throw pots, make music, and hit people with swords.”


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Gaming table with figurines and set showing castle, dragon and figures set up by Jordan Smith Jordan Smith Finance Assistant at 42 Technology Ltd

Jordan Smith

Finance Assistant

Jordan joined us in May 2022 as our Finance Assistant. He will be resuming his Level 2 AAT qualification from September, on a day release basis.  We plan to assist him in his ongoing professional development as he works his way through the full AAT qualification.

“The thing that sold me on 42T was the collaborative and supportive culture that has been built. It comes across very quickly when talking to the people here!

“Outside of spending time with family and friends, I follow a few sports and try to keep up with them as much as possible. Football will always be first on that list – Spurs! But I try my best to keep up with the goings on, and catch a game when I can, of Rugby Union with London Irish and the NFL with the Eagles. Other than that I’m probably writing, drawing, painting, or gaming.”

+44 (0)1480 302700

Plane on wooden chess board 42 Technology CEO Dr Jon Spratley

Dr Jon Spratley

Chief Executive Officer

Jon is the Chief Executive Officer of 42T. He joined the company in 2007 as a graduate mechanical engineer and has worked as an engineer, project manager, industrial sector lead, and director of business development before becoming CEO. He is a problem-solver at heart and loves being involved with clients to see the big picture of where 42T’s work makes life better for them, for their businesses or for society in general.

Jon has a doctorate in Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) and master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

“42T has given me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of new products, including drug delivery devices, high pressure gas valves, chocolate production equipment, firefighter breathing systems, industrial internet of things devices, industrial printers, cash machines, and technology for space vehicles.

“I am especially proud of the team and the culture that we have here at 42T. We have a friendly, open and supportive team of very clever people who seem to genuinely like working together. It is a great place to be stretched and challenged and I am comfortable knowing that I am rarely the smartest person in the room (unless I am alone – and sometimes not even then!).

“In between work and a wonderful family that includes three fast-growing high-energy children, I can be found out cycling or in the garage/man cave making things, repairing things or hiding from the children.”


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Adrian Stahl

Marketing Manager

Adrian joined 42T as Marketing Manager towards the end of 2020. He has worked in marketing for almost 20 years’ and has experience of developing and building brands, creating and implementing integrated marketing plans incorporating a mix of digital and offline marketing. His background is mainly in financial services and has spent the majority of his working life in London. Adrian has a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing.

“Joining an engineering consultancy near Cambridge wasn’t exactly an obvious next step for me, living as I do in Berkshire with a track record in financial services. But when the opportunity arose I jumped at it. The people and culture of a business has always been important to me, and it’s clear there’s something special about 42T. Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other, and it’s an incredibly talented team. 

Outside of work I try to keep some semblance of fitness; playing squash and table tennis, cycling and taking our Cocker Spaniel for long walks in the Berkshire countryside. In reality, knee surgery (after a fight with a surf board) means I now saunter around the squash court hardly breaking a sweat; and our lazy/stubborn dog means I spend more time standing on a walk than I do walking. But it’s still time away from the screen and in the fresh air.”

Francesca Stephens

Head of Design

Francesca is a passionate product designer, project manager and sustainability insights lead at 42T.

Since joining as a graduate, Francesca has worked on a wide range of projects in all business sectors. She has designed products not just through an aesthetic lens but by empathetically understanding the user. This user-centred design thinking is actively applied in her sustainability role, helping clients understand the bigger picture when designing sustainably.

Francesca holds a first-class masters in Product Design Engineering from Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow, and is a trained mental health first aider.

“I really enjoy the variety of projects at 42T, but most of all, it’s the people that make it a great place to work. Throughout lockdown, having daily chats with the design group has helped cement our relationship for life.

“Outside of work, I design artwork for my Etsy shop, Velvet Monkey Design, and to keep fit I train at a Muay Thai club twice a week.”


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Peter Sullivan

Principal Consultant

Peter is an experienced developer of software for embedded systems. Working in the Automotive and Telecommunications markets he has helped to deliver products for companies with international reputations.

Peter enjoys taking products from early concept, guiding the definition and understanding of their requirements, through to finally delivering them into volume manufacture.

Peter has a first degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The University of Nottingham and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Aston University.

“As the father of six I’m greatly amused that the baby wipe brand we have found to have the best performance has benefitted from the 42T engineering talent. This amply demonstrates the breadth of the projects 42T handles. It’s impossible to predict what will come through the door next! The projects I’ve personally been involved with have presented significant challenges so giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in many areas. It‘s tremendously satisfying to be part of a fantastic team working on projects that are literally industrial in scale as well as smaller, niche projects having the potential to improve the health and life of people the world over.

“Shepherding our disparate band of six strong willed individuals along the path to their futures is a significant undertaking outside work, but is also a great excuse for exploring the world around us and not necessarily acting your age. Fortunately they all seem to love old aircraft, old cars and the countryside.”

Chris Taylor, Senior Consultant at 42 Technology

Chris Taylor

Senior Consultant

Chris is team-centred, thorough and articulate. He has designed and delivered products for a variety of industries over the last 16 years. His experience is spread across various sectors, including energy, consumer products, IoT and Medical.

Chris has significant experience in thermal and structural analysis, from 8 years in the electrical power and data distribution industry for the energy sector. He has an interest in sensor technology, and robotics and their application within the unmanned vehicle field.

Chris has an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Manufacture and Engineering, a Master’s in mechanical engineering and achieved chartered status with The Institute of Mechanical Engineering in 2011.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than being challenged technically and creatively and working at 42T certainly delivers. Each and every project brings its own unique challenges and enables you to work with other amazingly talented individuals to develop new and exciting products, processes and methodologies. I enjoy meeting and working with our clients and associates to deliver solutions.

“I find I am always learning both from my colleagues, and our clients, and this is what makes the work we do at 42T so interesting.

“Outside of work I enjoy challenging myself physically, swimming (especially open water), biking and running. I enjoy any and all outdoor activities and consider myself to be pretty adventurous in spirit. I like to read and can often be found with my head in a book or drawing, when not working or exercising. Oh, and the occasional shandy ;o)”


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Running shoes Craig Townsend

Craig Townsend

Director of Healthcare

Craig is a management and product consultant, specialising in Healthcare and Life Science. For the past 13 years, Craig has been working with some of the world’s leading brands and most exciting start-ups to bring a new wave of technology innovation to market, solving complex problems primarily in medical devices and wearables.

Craig has an MBA from the CASS Business School at City, University of London and is an active angel investor across a number of digital therapeutic start-ups, after exiting his own start-up in 2018.

“I have a real passion for the evolution of healthcare technology, something which has guided my entire career. Antiquated systems and process continue to affect patient wellbeing and it’s about time we brought these into the 21st century!

“In my free time I enjoy building mobile apps and video games. I am a huge movie geek, non-ironically believing the Matrix Revolutions is the better of the 3 films. I’m also a keen runner.”


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+44 (0)1480 309461

Marta Uncio Ribera

Marta Uncio Ribera

Engineer - Biomedical

Marta is a biomedical engineer with a mechanical background. Along with a wide set of technical skills, she has experience in medical device R&D. Marta graduated with Distinction from the Biomedical Engineering MSc at Imperial College London, specialising in biomechanics, and holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Cambridge.

“Working at 42T allows me to get involved in a wide range of projects and with every project there are always new and exciting challenges to tackle! Being able to do so with a team of skilled and friendly colleagues makes it a great place to work. As part of 42T’s healthcare team, I mainly focus in medical device development and I’m very excited to be expanding our capabilities in this sector.

“Outside of work I like trying out new sports – anything from ice hockey to ballet. Recently, I’ve been doing lots of sailing and canoeing in our self-made, wooden canoe. I also like learning languages and going home to Spain to enjoy the sun!”


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Duncan Wales

Senior Consultant - Mechanical Design

Duncan is a mechanical design engineer with over 20 years of industry based experience covering a range of sectors including industrial power tools, digital printing systems, food and pharmaceutical production machinery.

Duncan has excellent knowledge of Concurrent Engineering principles, DFM and modular/platform design processes.

“I have always been fascinated by mechanisms, how things work and how they’re made. As a child I was usually taking something apart and always had a project on the go. Today, not much has changed. Working at 42T gives me the diversity I love; it allows me to work on a wide range of projects with like-minded people in an innovative and stimulating environment. I meet new challenges with every new project and the excellent team and culture makes working at 42T never really feel like ‘work’.

“Outside of work I can usually be found in my workshop tinkering with motorbikes and cars, but my true passion is making guitars. I made my first guitar at the age of 15 for my O-Level Technology project and am now a Master Luthier making the critically acclaimed Organic Guitars.”

A position at 42T is very much what you make of it.

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