We use design ethnography and human factors tools such as interviewing, observation, focus groups and workshops in our main approach.

Using these tools, we map individual stakeholder journeys to understand potential problems and opportunities. We like to empathise with stakeholders from the start and gain their feedback on the interaction, ergonomics, and product design throughout the product design development.

Our design team mixes aesthetics with real-life ethnographic data. We utilise skills ranging from sketching to high-quality computer-generated animations, combined with practical prototyping and modelling capabilities, which enable us to take stakeholders with us through the design journey. For medical devices, our processes conform to usability engineering standards for regulatory compliance.

This design process allows us to create products that not only perform technically, but also delight the user, and are safe and easy in operation.

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"42T has a holistic view around design and development. They are idea creators and set the bar that others have to match."

R&D Director, Multinational Personal Care Company

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