About the company

We are incredibly proud of the work that our extraordinary team does each and every day. As engineers, scientists, and designers, we strive to improve the world with innovative technology one project at a time.

By marrying design and science with pragmatic engineering, we ensure that the search for innovative solutions always includes the practical matter of determining whether ideas can actually work, technically and commercially. Generating, filtering and developing brilliant ideas is second nature to us.

We pride ourselves on pulling together the best people to find solutions quickly, while cooperating efficiently with our client’s team.

Our history

42T started life in 1998 as mechanical designers of rugged power tools.

This was a time when products were becoming increasingly electronic. Market and customer needs were changing and, with the growth of advisory services in the region, the Cambridge phenomenon was booming.

Against this backdrop, we used our experience with power electronics, product design and electromechanical systems to build a much broader engineering consultancy with experience of industry at its core. This has driven us to build our business on values of being trustworthy, collaborative, inclusive and excellent.

We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and understand the world from their perspective, valuing the trust that they place in us with their important (often business-critical or career-defining) projects. We work collaboratively and openly with them to ensure we are continuously aligned to create the best outcomes.

We also strive to be the best people to work with. Successful projects and partnerships rely more on the strength of relationships than the technical horsepower of the team.

Our team now encompasses a much more diverse range of skillsets, including electronic and firmware engineering, physics, biomedical engineering and product design, as well as our mechanical design and engineering heritage.

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About company

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Quality Management System

Our accredited QMS allows us to interface with our clients’ own quality and documentation systems. This gives them confidence that our work will align with their expectations across the various sectors we work in.

Our design and development activities are accredited to ISO9001:2015; and our medical device design, and regulatory compliance work, is accredited to ISO13485:2016.

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What will you ask us today?

We believe in asking the right questions to drive innovation; when we know the right questions, we generate the ideas to answer them.