Clients ask us to complement their deep domain knowledge with our experience across industries and sectors.


Within the Industrial Sector, we develop complex industrial products and manufacturing processes to increase productivity, safety and revenue for our clients and their customers.

A multidisciplinary team is often required to exploit the core physics, resolve technical risks and carry out the hard engineering of a full product development. Our hands-on approach and proven processes, readily adapted to fit clients’ stage gates, deliver pioneering technology, highly valuable IP, and compelling products.

Our clients range from specialist industry players to large blue-chip companies, and typically have very capable in-house engineering teams. We add value through complementary expertise, fresh insights and the agility to develop disruptive, complex and high-quality products in support of our client’s in-house team, or by cutting through red tape to get products to market more rapidly.

We’ve reimagined gas valves for safety, digitised industrial hardware to enable servitisation and traceability, and modularised measurement equipment to drive economies of scale. And by inventing and innovatively automating manufacturing processes, we’ve enabled new product formats and have significantly enhanced the performance of existing manufacturing assets.

We support the transition to a zero carbon economy with detailed analysis of new technology strategies, the development of lower-impact products and processes, and by helping our clients innovate around complex problems. We’ve assessed the environmental impact of products and processes, developing sustainable alternatives with additional usability, quality and commercial benefits.


In the Transport sector, our flexible approach, in-depth expertise and experience in making technology work in highly regulated industries enable us to address technical challenges. We combine ingenious design and engineering to deliver innovation from concept to prototypes and manufacturing handover.

We have an enviable track record of creating value for our clients, including enabling condition-based maintenance in the aerospace industry through complex sensor systems, and helping train manufacturers and operators to reduce cost and attract new revenue.

Energy and Utilities

In the Energy and Utilities space, we create and optimise systems and devices that harness and monitor energy, water and waste. We make networks smarter, enable real-time measurement and reduce levelised cost.

Some of the world’s biggest technology companies have benefited from our expertise in developing their smart meters and real-time measurement equipment for water and electricity. We’ve created sensor and wireless communications systems for condition monitoring in aggressive environments, and optimised the efficiency of renewable power generation technologies through simulation, analysis and innovation.

Wind tunnel

"The consultancy’s engineering skills, technology innovations and expertise in running multi-national projects have been invaluable, and our engineering teams are continuing to work together to further develop our market-winning range."

Chris Cowles, Global Design Manager for packaged industrial gas valves, Linde Group

Our industrial clients

Our clients are most impressed by the quality and rate of our work – quickly providing robust, innovative designs that win awards, create valuable IP, and add value to their businesses.

We’ve helped clients in industries where the core technology hasn’t changed significantly in over 100 years and, by introducing ideas from other sectors, we have helped them to create class-leading, award winning innovative products.

If you have an engineering challenge that your internal team doesn’t have the time, or expertise, to solve then why not drop us a message and see what we might be able to do to help?

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